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Finally, pristine audio and video can be encoded in a full range of industry-standard formats. Pro Audio. Computer Audio. Computer Audio Software. Music Production Software. Key Features. Logic Studio from Apple is a complete set of professional applications allows the user to write, record, edit, mix and perform music. The production suite is loaded with exacting models and gorgeous samples of the best gear, from the classic to the rare, and even the obscure. Also included are the most advanced, easy-to-use tools for manipulating those sounds or creating custom ones.

More Details. Logic pro 9 free download pc. Multimedia tools downloads — Logic Pro by Babya and many more programs are available for instant and free download.. Sophisticated new tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built.

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This update addresses overall stability and performance issues including: Fixes an issue that caused an AirPlay dialog to repeatedly appear.. Hi, I currently run Logic Pro 9. Apple Logic Pro X Torrent downloaded from bt-scene. Visit us and download logic pro 9. Free downloads..

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Download Now. The above link will download the content sent to you,. Or the proxy torrent link BitTorrent, Inc.. Posts about activer Apple Logic Pro 9. Logic Studio Dmo Content. Apple Logic Studio 9. Lay down a beat, layer on a guitar riff, add a synth pad, then tear into a solo.

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  • When you're ready to move on, just hit the foot switch to fade everything out and start building the groove for your next section Sound Bigger With Playback, a brand-new plug-in, your Mac becomes a flexible, reliable backing track player. It's easy to use, too. Whether you're rounding out your sound with a simple stereo backing track or a set of separate, mixable stems, all you have to do is step on a foot switch to jump to the next cue, adjust the tempo, arrange on the fly, or fade out smoothly You're In Control MainStage supports your addiction to knobs, dials, and faders.

    It can connect with just about any external MIDI device on the planet. And the interface is simplicity itself. Just map a physical control to an onscreen control, and it's connected forever or until you change your mind. No more mapping knobs over and over for each patch. And down the road, if your hardware fails when you're about to go on stage, it's quick and easy to swap it out MainStage 2 also features new pickup modes that make fixed controller knobs behave more like the endless encoder knobs found on high-end gear.

    If your control surface can receive status information from software, MainStage will now send MIDI messages to keep your control displays in perfect sync Made for Performers 2 Mac vs. Instead of squinting at tiny hardware displays, you get a bright, full-screen view that makes everything easy to tweak. You can also combine any sounds you like - even software and hardware sounds - in one patch When it's time to put those sounds to work, MainStage gives you way more options.

    Multi-mapping allows one knob to control multiple plug-in parameters, so you can dramatically change your sound with the turn of a single knob.

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    And the Patch List Manager gives you the flexibility to rearrange or skip patches as your set list evolves Smarter, Faster, More Efficient MainStage leverages the power and efficiency of the Mac to deliver performance and sound quality that most hardware can't touch. For example, the EXS sampler can put huge amounts of data to work for a single instrument by using more than the typical 4GB of memory allotted to a single application and tapping into virtual memory.

    Aliased channel strips lighten the load on your system by reusing the plug-ins you've already loaded. MainStage can access the processing power of multiple cores to make sure every note is heard, even when you're pushing the limits of your system. And if you ever run into a problem, Autosave lets you get back up and performing in no time Your Music, Your Layout New Grouped Controls let you drag and drop entire sets of knobs, dials, faders, meters, and more into your layout.

    From there, you can easily customize the number, type, size, and color of all your controls. You can even decide what each control does for each patch. Alignment guides snap everything into place. And Lift and Stamp features let you quickly copy characteristics from one layout and apply them to another. You can store your preferences as templates and call them up whenever you need them.

    You can also put your patches in any order and change them on a whim Amazingly Simple Setup With MainStage 2, setting up your stage rig is faster than ever. Start by choosing from a complete range of performance templates, many of them preloaded with great-sounding patches. Or use the new Patch Browser to find just the right screen-controllable patch, ready to be tweaked to perfection And if you ever need to perform with a different Mac, you don't have to rebuild everything. Just save your live set as a project and MainStage puts all the necessary files into a single folder you can take with you anywhere Capture Your Performance MainStage 2 lets you record any audio signal passing through.

    It lets you play live with all the great tones from Amp Designer and Pedalboard, along with any of your favorite Audio Unit guitar effects You also get a full-screen tuner, foot-controlled tap tempo, and 3D models that change with each patch to represent the different Pedalboard stompboxes you're using. Seamless patch switching lets notes and chords trail off naturally when you switch patches. MainStage 2 is not only an amazing host for software instruments and effects, it's also packed with innovations that let you sail through your stage performance.

    For starters, there's the Floating Split Point. It intelligently moves the split point on a split keyboard patch to respond to what you're playing.


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    Start walking a bass line up the keyboard, and the split point moves up so the bass doesn't suddenly become some other sound when you get into the higher notes With Multi-mapping, you can assign multiple parameters to a single control, so you can smoothly manipulate your sound without trying to turn several knobs at once. And seamless patch switching lets you hold a chord in one sound while moving to a whole new patch Solo Artists Loopback and Playback, two of the most exciting new features of MainStage, completely change what a single musician can bring to the stage.

    You've got a backing track player that lets you support your performance with anything from a single stereo track to a full set of independent, mixable stems. And with deep live looping capabilities, you can build and manipulate a spontaneous arrangement right in front of your audience Drummers MainStage makes it easy to expand beyond your acoustic kit with an enormous library for the EXS sampler and more than 50 drum kits, sequence patterns, and sounds from Ultrabeat. Start with a simple Timeline, then gradually reveal additional interface controls for more sophisticated tasks.

    You can also easily customize your toolbars and screen layouts, even when you're working with dual displays The Right Tools for the Right Edit Use the integrated multichannel File Editor to perform quick, nondestructive edits and processing on any clip in the Timeline. Or open the standalone File Editor for advanced controls. The Actions list keeps track of it all and lets you modify, reorder, suspend, or delete any edit or process at any time The Frequency Spectrum view shows you audio frequency over time, with amplitude revealed through color intensity. Select a section with extreme precision and adjust the amplitude or cut, copy, and paste it without affecting other sections Quick and Simple Navigation It couldn't be easier to navigate Soundtrack Pro 3.

    New commands speed the process of trimming, extending clips, and adding custom fades. There are options for playhead scrolling and shortcuts for auditioning changes. The Waveform Zoom feature lets you look at low-amplitude audio clips right in the Timeline. Support for Multi-Touch trackpad gestures allows you to zoom, toggle windows, and control playback without reaching for your mouse. You can even time-stretch audio without affecting pitch, using three Apple time-stretch algorithms as well as popular third-party plug-ins Fix Audio Fast Soundtrack Pro analyzes audio files for common problems like clicks, pops, hum, and phase issues, and lets you fix them individually or all at once.

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    The improved broadband noise reduction feature uses a high-resolution noise print so you can get rid of unwanted noise, like wind and traffic, with greater precision. You can also replace unwanted sounds with ambient noise duplicated from another section of your file or from a different file. Soundtrack Pro automatically matches the length and adds crossfades to make it all sound natural Truly Easy Audio Conform Soundtrack Pro lets you automatically sync your audio track to changes in your video edit. First, the Conform feature identifies changes in Final Cut Pro projects, then lets you use confidence ratings and audition changes to decide which ones to accept, reject, or modify.

    Once you accept a change, Soundtrack Pro repositions your audio to sync with the picture change or removes any audio that's no longer needed Powerful Tools for Dialogue Easier Comps, Easier Edits The Multitake Editor lets you create a final comp in no time.