Installing windows 7 on mac mini with boot camp

This does not appear to have any ill effect on your OS X installation, but please make sure you have a current backup in place. On many occasions I had to wait 3 or 4 minutes on these screens before the installer would continue. Be patient.

On a couple of occasions it appeared that no master boot record was written to that drive, as opposed to the main drive where it worked every time. The problem here seems to lie in having more than one drive active in the system. The answer? Disconnect one of the drives.

Install Windows using Boot Camp for macOS Mojave

But if it fails, just disconnect the second drive and restart the installation. Keep it held down until you see a menu pop up with the available installations, just as you would to boot into recovery for OS X. So there you have it. Image: Benjamin Nagel via Flicker.

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Hard Fork! Have you installed Windows 7 on this Mac before. If so, which version of macOS were you using?

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Boot Camp only supports Windows 10 and later for my Mac. I originally had Windows 7 Ultimate, but did a full system reset and also removed my Windows partition from my device.

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Can I assume from your comment that at some point you had Mojave and Windows 7 Ultimate installed and working? I did have both installed at the same time working. I am not sure what boot method was used though. ViaxCo ViaxCo 1 1 silver badge 7 7 bronze badges.


How to install Windows 7 on MacBook Pro with Bootcamp, without CD

You age getting warm. In other words, you are close to the correct answer. Let me point out a few possible errors. First, if you read the link you posted, you will learn that that Boot Camp Support Software 5. Next, using Mojave to create an ExFat partition will no longer automatically create a a hybrid partitioned disk. I didn't know that.

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My bad. Now I have to use the GPT fdisk to change the disk type or? Thanks for all the help! Ravenous Ravenous 36 2 2 bronze badges. I'll look into that since my OS is pretty new still. Then use Bootcamp to install your Windows 7 as normal.

How to install Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro using Bootcamp, without CD drive

Upgrade OSX if you like. Problem Solved. DaveF DaveF 11 1 1 bronze badge. Featured on Meta. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ.

How to install Windows 10 on a Mac using Boot Camp Assistant

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