How to fix flashing folder with question mark on apple mac

Your hard drive most likely died. You could swap in one from a known working Mac if you have one handy to check this. If it boots, your hard drive is dead. I hope you had a good backup, else all your data is gone. Reactions: oldhifi. The question mark folder is usually a, can't find boot drive issue. Sometimes holding down Option key right at the boot up chime continue holding until something shows up, shouldn't take more than seconds this will show the hard drive if it is working, choose it and it should boot up after that.

Get in to System Preferences and then choose the startup disk again and reboot to see if that fixes it.

There is also hardware test, immediately at power on or chime hold down the D key and continue holding until the hardware test icon shows up. Then run tests, usually choose to run extended test to do a more thorough check. The computer can tell you if the drive is testing bad, bad ram, etc.

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Can motherboard be damaged? A flashing question mark in a folder

Other options would be create a bootable USB drive, reinstall macOS even temporarily to an external USB so that you can get back in to the computer and do some further testing. Last edited: May 8, Reactions: Suzatlarge. I want to solve the computer problem, if anyone can help me, I am sure that here are many who help.

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DeltaMac macrumors G3. Jul 30, 9, 2, Delaware. Replace the SATA ribbon with new.

Repair the disk

DeltaMac said:. Install the macOS system on your new hard drive, using a different Mac, Oct 5, 66 58 UK.

Flashing Folder with Question Mark on Mac - How to - SOLVED

As others have said above, likely either a dead hard drive or a failed HDD ribbon connector. I've had both these happen to me on my 13" MBP and both had the same symptom - the folder with the '? When the HDD died there was some weirdness before it died - screen freezes, lagginess etc - but when the cable failed it did so without any warning. I bought a replacement cable on eBay plus some online instructions and replaced it myself.

It was v easy to do. Dear mick2. I have no problem with hard drive i have more than one and one of them is completely new, the problem is in motherboard, i invite you to read the topic again Thanks for your help. Jun 2, 2, Cornwall UK. If you have installed on another HDD try plugging this HDD into usb and hold option key then select to boot from this drive.

This would bypass the ribbon of the HDD if that is the fault. I have no problem with hard drive i have more than one and one of them is completely new, the problem is in motherboard, i invite you to read the topic again. Fishrrman macrumors P6. Feb 20, 17, 5, Your original post wasn't clear. A good "test" as to whether it's the internal drive or cable is to use a "known-bootable" external drive one that has been proven to boot the computer in the past, and a drive that can boot other Macs as well.

How to Fix Folder with Question Mark at Mac Startup Screen?

If nothing seems to be working, as someone else advised above, it's probably time to start shopping for a replacement. Last edited: May 9, Fishrrman said:. This is one of the wierdest issues I have seen with a computer. First time no one came with a proper possible solution. I can only say take it to the Apple shop. Nov 3, 4, 2, SF Bay Area. Sounds like you have done all the trouble shooting you can. For this issue, you will have to reselect your startup disk in System Preferences. Follow these steps:.

Or any of these 5 methods can solve your issue. Disconnect all the devices like printers, external hard drives and disconnect all the cables including Ethernet.

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Finally, restart your MacBook pro. After restarting immediately press and hold the shift key, with this your mac will start in safe mood. If mac works fine, then restart it to check if the issue is solved or not. Normally, in various cases, if works properly.

Turn the system again. Immediately press and hold the P and R command options. Restart the system and press and hold the C key, this will start your system from the installation disk.

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  • Choose Disk Utility from the Utility Menu. Try a disk repair, after the completion of disk repair, restart your MacBook pro without pressing or holding any key from the keyboard. Remove the RAM from the slot. Install the original Apple RAM if you have. I hope at least any of the above-mentioned methods would have worked for you solving your issue of question mark? I have tried to cover and elaborate on all the possible ways to solve the issue of question mark in Macbook Pro. I think that I have tried my best to resolve this issue.

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