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Applying the Gravity effect to text on a perfectly circular path creates a result that looks like the default Rainbow effect. It performs as expected on paths that are oval, square, rectangular or otherwise irregularly shaped. Aligns along the baseline. This is the default setting.

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Characters without ascenders or descenders such as a letter e or a baseline such as an apostrophe are vertically aligned with characters that have ascenders, descenders, and baselines. These font dimensions are permanently specified by the font designer. For more control over vertical alignment, use the Baseline Shift option in the Character panel.

For example, type a negative value in the Baseline Shift box to lower the type. When characters flow around a sharp curve or acute angle, they fan out in such a way that there may appear to be extra space between them.

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You can tighten the spacing of characters on curves using the Spacing option in the Type On A Path Options dialog box. The Spacing value has no effect on characters positioned on straight segments. To change spacing of characters anywhere along the path, select them, and then apply kerning or tracking. Create type on a path Search.

Illustrator User Guide. Select an article: On this page Enter text on a path Move or flip text along a path Apply effects to type on a path Adjust the vertical alignment of type on a path Adjust character spacing around sharp turns. Applies to: Illustrator Illustrator CC. Enter text on a path. Do one of the following:. Optional Set text-formatting options in the Control panel, Character panel, or Paragraph panel.

Position the pointer on the path, and click. Enter the text. Example of overflow text.

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