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What is your specialty in the beauty? Most of my posts are product reviews for makeup and nail polish, although I also do some how-to posts for makeup and nails.

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

What caused you to be a beauty specialist blogger? It happened by accident, actually! When I was in the UK, my friends in the US would ask me to help them take photos and swatches of makeup items which were only available in the UK. I would take those photos and put them up on my blog, and over time more people started reading the blog.

That's how it started.

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What are your frequently visited beauty places and beauty sites? My two most favourite beauty sites that I visit all the time are MakeupAlley and Specktra. It's really quite comprehensive. It's a bit American-centric, but I really like the huge listings of product reviews and the forums, especially the makeup forum, the skincare forum, and the nail forum. I learnt a lot about nail care from the nail forum. My favourite part is the forums, because you can see product pictures and swatches of upcoming collections. Where do you visit beauty places on your trip?

I go everywhere! If I see a store selling beauty products, I will go inside to browse for awhile. Whether it's a Western or Asian brand, I can usually find something I like. For Western brands, I like to look at eyeshadow and blush colours. For Asian brands, I really like the nail polish colours, as well as the cute bottles and packaging. I always love showing photographs of Asian beauty products to my friends in the West, because they always marvel at how beautifully our products are packaged. What is the best beauty item in your lifetime? For me, it has to be oil-absorbing powder!

My skin is oily, so it starts looking shiny very quickly. Right now I'm using common cosmetic-grade silica powder as an oil absorber.


I mix it in with my loose face powder to give it some oil-control properties. It's cheap but very effective. What do you like the most among the hottest beauty item? And why do you think so? I have so many favourites, it's hard to choose! Sadly, some of the latest beauty items I like haven't come to Asia yet! An example is Illamasqua, it's a UK brand that has been getting lots of attention in the West. I really like their blushers, becasuse they're very pigmented, and have a very good texture. For my favourites that are available in Asia, a lot of people here have been talking about the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

It was launched awhile back, but continues to be popular. Urban Decay has very good eyeshadows, and the palette has shades that would work for most people. I think it's one of the nicer eyeshadow palettes I've seen recently. Which skincare item would be best suited for you? Choose one, please. A good moisturizer. A lot of moisturizers tend to be too heavy, too oily, or not moisturizing enough, so I always have problems finding one that is just right. What is beauty trend in makeup and skincare?

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

And why? I personally find beauty trends tend to vary from place to place. Asia and the West have very different beauty trends. In Asia, a lot of the focus is on highlighters, foundation products, and BB creams. In the West, people are more excited by unusual colours, like a new shade of eyeshadow, or the new range of lipgloss shades. So the emphasis in different countries is different too. I guess it just depends on the environment and the culture of the place. In Asia, I think there is a lot more focus on skincare, whereas in the West people are more interested in the latest colours.

Also, I always find it funny that girls in Asia always want to be fairer, while girls in the West always want to get a tan.

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When I was living in the USA and the UK, my friends could not understand why I didn't like getting darker, because they were always using self-ta nners and bronzers, but here in Asia, you can't find a tanning salon anywhere! Which make-up change women dramatically? And do you have tips for these like this make-up? A good concealer, especially for the undereyes! Nowadays, with everyone working hard and sleeping late, everyone seems to have dark circles, including me.

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So I find undereye concealer very important, as it makes me look more awake and less tired. My tip is to pick the right undereye concealer colour for your dark circles. If the concealer colour is chosen correctly, it helps to hide your undereye circles better.

Most girls like to use yellow concealer for undereyes, but that's not necessarily always the best colour to use. The right colour is determined by the colour of your dark circles. Most people's dark circles are either brownish, or blue-ish, or some shade of blue-purple. I find that for brown-based undereye circles, a concealer that's peach-based is better, as the peach helps to neutralize the browness in the circles.

But for blue-ish or purple dark circles, then yellow is better, as the yellow colour cancels out the blue tones. What is your favorite beauty specialist?


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I don't have one, unfortunately. What do you think about advantages and disadvantages as a beauty specialist? I think working as a beauty specialist requires you to have a lot of patience! I don't work full-time in beauty, but I get a lot of girls asking me what makeup colours would suit them, or what their undertone is, or how should they apply eyeshadow if they don't have a double eyelid. It can take quite a while to answer all their questions in detail.

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So I think a disadvantage is that you have to be patient with people, even if they are rude to you. On the plus side, I feel happy when people tell me that my beauty tips have really worked for them. I feel like I have helped them a little. What kind of products do you apply in this morning and yesterday evening? My routine is actually quite similar every day. Every morning, before I go to work, I apply the following products in order: 1. Moisturizer 2. Sunscreen 3. Concealer on undereyes 4. Face Powder 5.